I looked up the definition. Definitely the right word to use. This morning the aide came to fix breakfast for my mom. We didn’t have any bread. I hadn’t gotten up yet when my mom told me there was no bread. I said, “ok I’ll get some.” After a bit I realized I didn’t hear her eating. I called out to her and didn’t hear anything so I got up. Her food was sitting on the table and she had went back to bed. I asked her why wasn’t she eating and she said,”I told you I didn’t have any bread. Can you run down the hill and get some?” Really? I said you mean you can’t eat the rest of your food without some bread? Then she said,”well I’ll just find some crackers, “So I get up and throw on some clothes. She’s busy getting me not to worry about it.

I go to store down the hill. I decide I may as well get some other stuff while I’m in there. When I get back she’s upset that I went.

I’m better than last time. No punctured water bottles. Instead I tried to rename it. I was able to get a walk in. The sun was out but it wasn’t too hot. I picked up some other stuff that was needed. And, I came and wrote in my journal.

Baby steps.

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