Day 6

I woke up around 7:15 am this morning. I maybe had around 3 hours of sleep but surprisingly, I felt pretty good. The swelling in my leg was down and my pain was very low.

I immediately noticed the quietness. I’m not use to it. Very little outside noise but more importantly, very little in my head chatter. It was kinda nice actually.

I get up to go to the bathroom and stopped. Too quiet. I went to go look in on Mom. I stood there and watched her move her legs and I knew then that she was ok. I think that’s one reason I don’t like the quiet; it makes me hyper-vigilant.

I went in the kitchen to start breakfast. She had said something about her TV but I told her I was in the kitchen. My immediate instinct was to just rinse out a pan but I just kept cleaning up and then I started breakfast.

I practiced mind fullness; which I’m not good at. I just concentrated on fixing the food: frying the bacon, preparing the eggs, etc. Slowly the swelling in both my legs started to return and I started to yawn a lot. Most important, I had her breakfast ready within the time frame that makes her happy.

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