I had all these big plans and ideas for this blog when I first signed up but mostly all I’ve done is pay for a website I never use.

So my goal today going forward is to write my story. Just write. Whatever comes with that; not going to worry about how it looks or sounds.

This is supposed to be therapeutic. We’ll see about that. Allow me to reintroduce myself…

I am…

A middle aged overweight single black female who may be be starting menopause. I am articulate, well read and well spoken… Sometimes.

I am what I would describe as a high functioning adult with some disabilities, both physical and mental (maybe later I’ll get into what that means exactly).


Among the many hats that I wear, most relevant to this particular endeavor is that I an adut with ADD. Recognizing but not yet completely accepting this fact, I struggle with ” staying the course”. I’m a good starter but not a closer. I am easily distracted. So this is going to be a major challenge for me.. Let’s see what happens from here.

Let me get the negatives out of the way first. This come easily because it’s easier to identify myself in these terms.

I suffer from a chronic pain condition, with a large side of major depressive disorder and ADD, sprinkled with a dash of generalized anxiety and OCD, with a big, giant bowl of hoarding for dessert! Whoo hoo!!

I live with my amazing mom. Except, she’s not doing so well right now. The doctors don’t know why she has lost so much weight. The good news is that no cancer has been detected. I also think she is going through the beginning stages of dementia. It hurts to see her struggle and frustration with not being able to remember or do the things she used to do.

I’m starting to ramble. Happens a lot especially when I’m tired like right now. I didn’t sleep much last night ( forgot to mention the insomnia… (Go big or go home). Boom!)

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