Today I am a year older. I’m still here; shattered and broken. The difference this year? For the first time, I think that I’m going to be OK.

The past few days, I’ve been handwinding a skein of yarn. The skein comes fairly straightforward; if you start with the right end, the process is pretty smooth. However, grab the wrong end and the yarn can become one big tangled mess. The more you try, sometimes the knots and kinks get tighter. If you’re not careful and patient, you can get a knot that you cannot loosen. Sometimes the way forward is nowhere to be seen.

Yet I still try. What was once nice smooth yarn is slightly fuzzy now from the friction of trying to wind the ball. Finally in the end, I have wound the skein into a ball of yarn which I can now use to create something new and beautiful. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in this fact.

Of course, there was an easier way to accomplish the end goal but that was not my path. This is my journey.. .

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